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This 400-acre sanctuary, established in July 2000 by the monastics and practitioners of the Plum Village tradition, rests peacefully in a hidden bowl of mountains above Escondido, CA. The community provides a safe, secluded and peaceful place to cultivate inner solidity and clarity in the midst of nature and all its wonders.

At Deer Park the residential monastic community and lay sangha practice together under the guidance of our teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay), in the tradition of engaged Buddhism and daily mindfulness practice. There are two hamlets: Solidity Hamlet, for monks and laymen, and Clarity Hamlet, for nuns and laywomen. Though a fully functioning monastery, Deer Park is still in the developing stage and many renovations are in progress.

Here we are nourished by the teachings of Thay on topics such as mindfulness, happiness, peace-making, transforming our suffering, community building, etc. Each week we receive teachings via internet from Plum Village in France and/or listen to the teachings given by resident monastic Dharma teachers. We share the same practice as our root monastery, Plum Village, and our sister monastery in New York, Blue Cliff Monastery.